Everything is in the hands of your members

Yellowstone makes it simple to put all of your organization's information into the pockets of your members.

Your Organization in the 21st Century

On average people spend nearly four hours a day on their phones*. Ninety percent of that time is spent using an app. Is your organization positioned to take full advantage of mobile applications?

Engagement On The Go

Our focus is helping organizations engage with their members wherever they are. A mobile app gives you the ability to engage with your members in ways that text messages and websites can't. A Yellowstone-powered mobile application provides your organization a robust toolset to create and manage rich content while providing a dynamic, customized app experience for your members. Together, this increases membership activity, keeping your members informed and engaged with your organization.

A core feature of Yellowstone is the ability to target content to groups of members. This is accomplished both automatically – Yellowstone figures out what content a specific member is most interested in seeing – and manually through the use of targeted push notifications, local chapter access and more.

This is your organization in the 21st century.

Your Organization.
Your Members.
Your App.

All the awesome features you get when you power your app with Yellowstone

Your App

iOS & Android

Yellowstone supports both iOS and Android mobile apps. You get both with your account.

Instant Updates

Updates made in the Console appear instantly in your mobile app. No waiting for app store approvals!

Smart Feed

Yellowstone dynamically populates the app's home screen ensuring each members always have the most relevant content for them.

Customized Look

A unique app icon, splash screen, and app UI colors help your app stand out.

Member Profiles

Members can create accounts to sign in for the full-app experience with the data can be securely exported to sync with a membership database.


Users are able to share an event from the app to services like Facebook and Twitter, and by SMS and email.

Management Console


A web-based overview of your mobile app, your teammates, members, content, analytics and more.

App Analytics

Get insights to how often your app is being used and what members are doing in your app.


Assign roles to specific teammates to control who can, for example, update and edit content.


Connect Yellowstone to the tools you already use to manage your website and your organization.

Chapter Access

Your regional and local chapters are able to create and manage their own content, all with your oversight.

Download Your Data

All the data in your Yellowstone is 100% yours. Download it anytime you want.


Push Notifications

Create, schedule and send push notifications to all of your members or just to a specific segment of members.


Create segments of your members to send targeted push notifications to.


Schedule notifications in advance or schedule a notification at a given time in different time zones.

Content Linking

Link content to a notification to direct your members to a specific item in your app.



Create and manage events that appear to all members and are featured for specific members.


Members are able to RSVP to an event, allowing you to message those interested in your event.


Track event attendance and turnout using Yellowstone's customizable check-in feature.


Members can view events by both Time and Distance in your app.

Civic Advocacy

Take Action

Get your members to take action right through their app anytime, anywhere.


Sync advocacy actions with services like Action Network and Salsa Labs with more coming soon.

Custom Links

Share unique actions in your app's Advocacy feed using the action's URL.


RSS Feeds

Add multiple RSS Feeds to automatically pull in news, blogs and more into your app.

Custom Links

Share specific articles in your app's News feed using the article's link.



Create and managed the photos and albums published in your app.


Members can send photos to you directly through the app.


Automatically pull in photos from services like Flickr.



Use Pages to include all sorts of content – from basic "about us" to contracts and legal info – for your members.

Embed Content

Embed external media to provide rich content to your members.

HTML Support

Pages offers basic HTML support for text and image formatting.


Display your photos, graphics and images in the Page.


Link your organization's social media accounts directly into your app





Common Questions
& Answers

Using Yellowstone

Nope! Yellowstone is both a web-based console where you manage all the modules and content in your mobile app, and a framework that your app runs on. You never need to learn a line of code to use create and manage your mobile application on Yellowstone.

It's really easy: just click here to sign up and we'll get you started right away.

Your App

After responding to a short survey, we can have a preview of your app available within a week of signing up.

Yellowstone does not place any advertising in your application.

Yellowstone apps can run on a wide range of Apple and Android devices. We support all Apple phones and tablets back to the iPhone 5s as well as all Android devices that support Android 5.0.

No. All apps are free for users to download from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

We integrate with a number of platforms and services.

At Yellowstone we strongly believe in the "create once" philosophy; because of this we are always working on integrating with additional services. Please contact us to let us know what tools you're using and how you'd like to see them work with your mobile app. We always want to hear about the tools our customers are using.

Costs & Billing

Yellowstone doesn't start billing until your app is approved by both Apple and Google for distribution in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. Until that happens, you can use your app for free with the Yellowstone Viewer app. You can get started here.

We offer both month-to-month plans and annual plans. There is no cancellation fee should you no longer want your application.

We accept credit cards for both monthly and annually billing. We can offer invoices and accept checks from customers on our annual and enterprise plans.

Yellowstone supports people and organizations that are doing good things. For qualified nonprofit organizations and educational institutions, there is special pricing available. Please contact us for more information..