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Small Tweak to Events

A quick tweak to Events to make them better.

This morning we pushed a minor - but we think, very useful - change to Yellowstone. Previously there was a "Hosted By" field associated with an Event that would appear above the address information for the Event in the apps. The idea was to make it simple to tell the user who was hosting the event.

However, from feedback and user testing, the field wasn't being used all that much and there is additional location-related information that is of equal or greater importance to your users; information like the name of the location (e.g. Taylor State Park) or room information (e.g. Sapphire Ballroom).

You can see this change here:

You can still enter Host information (and we've automatically converted any "Hosted By" information to this format) by just entering "Hosted By Wagtime" or whoever your host is into the field.

This is a small change, but one we think you'll find more useful and more informative for you users. And again, if you had information in the old "Hosted By" field, that information hasn't changed. It's still there.