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Hello Videos!

Now you can feature videos right in your app!

Two new features have been rolled out over the weekend. Both are exciting, but for different reasons.

The first new feature is something we've been working on for a while: videos! In your Yellowstone Console you will see a new Videos module in the menu. Clicking on that you'll find an option to add integrations and to manage the videos that are published in your app. In the integrations, you can add your YouTube account. There's no authorization required; just enter your username and Yellowstone handles the rest.

Once your YouTube account is setup, Yellowstone will show you all of the videos available. Just like any other content item in Yellowstone, you can set the publication status and the pinning status of a video by clicking the status dot.

The videos module is live now, and it's already been deployed to your app!

The second feature we rolled out will turn videos on in your app. While managing any module in your Yellowstone Console you will see an Enabled toggle on the top right. Similar to the Published toggle for individual content items, the Enabled toggle allows you to turn off and on entire modules in your app. When you're ready to showcase videos to your members, just flip the Enabled toggle and reload your app.

This works for all modules in your app. Feel free to turn them off and on as you see fit.

One side note about videos: at the moment, videos are only available to view within the Videos module in the app. Videos will be accessible on the home screen soon. Stay tuned!