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Your New Home Screen

We've just rolled out a whole new home screen.

Over the past month we have been rolling out some updates and changes to your app's home screen. Today the final piece rolled out.

Featured Content Module

There's a new module specifically for the home screen called the Featured Content Module. You'll find it under Home Screen > Featured Content (look for the diamond!) in your Yellowstone Console menu. In there, you can place and order any number of Events, Actions or News items into the module. Items in the Featured Content list will appear, in order from top (first) to bottom (last), at the top of your app's home screen in a carousel.

In order to keep content from repeating, Yellowstone automatically ensures that the first item in Featured Content is not displayed elsewhere on the home screen. That means if you have an event pinned and you have it as your first item in Featured Content, it will only appear in Featured Content on the home screen. This only applies to the first item in Featured Content, any other items may show up on the home screen.

New Home Screen Modules

The rest of the modules on the home screen got a bit of a revamp as well. The modules now include a module title and the ability to feature an image with the first item in the module if that item has an image associated with it. Even better, you now have the ability to add, remove, and reorder the modules on your home screen. These settings can be changed in your Yellowstone Console under Home Screen > Settings.

Home Screen Refresh

Finally, we've given your app's home screen a fresh coat of paint. Little tweaks here and there to make viewing the content on the home screen a better experience for your members.

Don't forget: if you want to use the new Featured Content Module, you'll need to turn it on via the Enable button on the top right of the module's page.